Brand Story

Brand Story

How independence, intelligence, and a touch of juniper, sparked the creation of a smooth, grape-spirit aged craft gin.

Kimushki encapsulates the spirit of individuality, elegance, and fortitude. Inspired by the age-old tradition of serving aperitifs to ease into the evening and prepare the palate before dinner, Kimushki explores invigorating, yet simple taste sensations to savor with appreciation.

Courage and strength to step into the unknown

Kim, a tourism tech entrepreneur from Cape Town, has always enjoyed a good quality spirit to end off a productive week. Struck by the unfortunate events of covid-19, she followed her motto of ‘live and let live’ and bravely reinvented herself. She ventured into the craft spirit industry to create her very own label, Kimushki, with a debut gin that captures courage, bravery, and strength.

Kim journeyed into creating her envisioned distilled spirit, capturing a smell and taste in a gin so smooth and superior, its patrons will revel in the gentle balance of flavors.

Exceptional Quality Botanicals

A boutique brand of exceptionally distilled small-batch spirits that celebrates individuality, a balanced lifestyle, and the courage to venture into the unknown.


Our spirit bottles are a work of art. Buy 1 L refills and support our efforts in sustainability.

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